Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Jesus Letter

I love you!
You are beautiful to me.
I give you permission to dream big.
Reach for the stars.
Ask for the moon.
Taste the rain.
Allow yourself to feel.
Feel deeply.
I created you to do so.
Let yourself wonder, but don't become bitter.
I have a plan for you, and I will work it out in my time.
I don't waste your pain,
But you must be patient.
When it seems like I am not there, I am.
And I love you.
When the night is dark, I love you.
When you are angry, I love you.
When you are sad, I love you.
When you are pained deeply, I love you.
When you want it die, I still love you.
When you feel misunderstood, I am still here.
When you think I am not TRUTH, I don't love you less.
You totally meet my expectations.
I love you, I love you, I love you!
You don't have to DO anything to gain my approval.
I love you in eternity past, present, future.
It will never stop.
I want relationship with you.
I wanted it enough to die for you.
I want you to live with me forever.
Those hopes and dreams you have,
I gave them to you.
If you allow me entrance into the deepest parts of yourself,
Then I can do what I have set out to do in you.
When I live within you, your heart is good.
Because I am there.
I am asking you to dance with me.
Forget yourself in my embrace.
Lose yourself in the passion.
I love you in the dance.
When you experience profound joy, I love you.
I want you to feel the breeze..
To feel the joy.
Experience my kisses.
Yes, there is sorrow and shame, but you must learn
To let me handle them.
In me, you don't need to feel shame.
I made you
Just the way I wanted you.
You are beautiful.
You have what it takes.
You can..
Because is will enable you.
I have given you strength, ability, grace.
And I will always be here for you.
That's a promise.
 I love you.
You are beautiful to me.

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  1. His love blows me away! Thank you for sharing this!