Saturday, April 19, 2014

The wounding of the heart. Pain. Overwhelms and settles down hard. 
Cutting off breath and life itself.
Struggling to see and walk. And breathe.
Sitting at the foot of the cross this black, sad Friday. The wounded, splintered, bloodied cross. 
The cold, hard truth of death. The End.
Sitting with the mess of my life. The wounded, splintered, bloodied mess.
Nothing left to hold on to. What is done is done. 
No more covered. No more hidden. It just is what it is. No undoing.

But wait. There is more. There is MORE!
This dark Friday is not the end! It is not over. It is not finished.
Waiting breathlessly at the tomb. Hoping with heart pounding against ribs. 
Hoping to see a beginning. Not an end!
That pain. That breath-stopping pain is washed away with the bloodied cross and 
Hope is rising again. 


Jesus on that wounded, splintered, bloodied cross took that pain.
That wounding pain and.. oh miracle! Took and healed it! 
With the blood gushing down over the splinters, washed the wounds.
And Life! Resurrected life is placed in my hands!
Yes, there was wounding and death. Cold, hard, black death.
But LIFE! Oh life! Swells and breathes. Beating hard against ribs in breathless joy! 
And miracles are birthed. 

It is not the End. It is the Beginning!!

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